Neonatology in the Spotlight

I remember my supervisor once telling me that although neonatal medicine is a little fish in a big pond, it creates far-reaching ripples. In this post, I am going to describe an overview and signpost to the interventions currently focussed on improving neonatal care in our network and in the UK.

The NICU Team: The Unsung Shining Stars

The survival of a sick or premature baby requires hard work and dedication from the whole team, including the family. How often do we take time to understand all these roles and celebrate the efforts of the individuals involved? Understanding the roles of others in the team can help us work together more effectively.

It was my pleasure to talk with Sharon, who works as a cleaner in our NICU department at St Michael’s.

Blog post: Improving Quality of Quality Improvement

Are you befuddled by acronyms in quality improvement? Can you tell your audit from your elbow? Or your Fishbone from your Driver diagram? Would you like to know more about change in the NHS? This short article is a beginner’s guide to QI and a pitch as to why it is a cornerstone of clinicalContinue reading “Blog post: Improving Quality of Quality Improvement”